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Spalding Park Golf
Club History

Spalding Park Golf Club began it’s life as the Champion Bay Golf Club in 1937 and continued as such until 1963. In 1964 it was incorporated and renamed the Spalding Park Golf Club.


The course at this stage was sand greens and was only played on from May to October, when there was some growth on the fairways from the winter rains. Reticulation of the course commenced in 1967 with water being pumped from the nearby Chapman River. In 1974 the first Spalding Park Open was held with Graham Johnson being the inaugural professional winner, on sand greens!

However, after much work from many volunteers, the third Open in 1976 was played on 9 grass and 9 sand greens. By 1977 Spalding Park Golf Club could boast 18 reticulated grass greens and fairways.

The culmination of the ongoing improvement to the course and the water system came in the mid 1990’s when a fully automated computer controlled water system was commissioned and installed enabling the dreams of the visionaries of the early club to come to fruition.

Today Spalding Park Golf Club is a pleasure to play golf on all year round. It is widely acknowledged as being one of the best maintained courses in country Western Australia.